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First Grade Fun!

Ms. Baril
Ms. Miller
Mrs. Cleveland
Mrs. Velez

Language Arts

We began the year with a review of all of the letters and letter sounds, then moved on to tapping out CVC words (pet, cat, mud). We continue to work on the proper formation of our letters.


In writing, we are focusing on writing small moments (i.e. personal narratives) with a beginning, middle, and end.  The children are learning about author’s craft and how to add details to their pictures and words.  We will focus on starting sentences with uppercase letters, using spaces between words, and using end marks.  When working on homework, please make sure your child includes an end mark when writing sentences, and has correct letter/ number formation. 


Roaring Readers officially begins in October. Please read with your child for 20 minutes at least 4 nights per week or more. Remember, reading includes discussing the story.


We are developing strategies to accurately count a set of objects and to check and double check. Please have your child organize and count objects at home. We also practiced counting forward and back on the number line.  We discovered that each number is one more than the number before it, and one less than the number after it.  Please help your child to write their numbers with the proper formation.  We will be introducing addition story problems, and are learning how to “show our work” using a strategy, an equation, answer, label, and sentence (SEALS).


We have been discussing the role of a scientist.  Like scientists, we will record these observations in a science notebook.  We will ask questions, make observations, and use science tools.  We will be focusing on the earth, sun, and moon in the first trimester.

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