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Second Grade

Mrs. Conklin
Ms. Lago
Mrs. Merkin
Mrs. Pontonio

We are off to a great start in 2nd Grade!

All students in second grade are transitioning well into their new classrooms and have been learning the expectations and routines for second grade. We are all looking forward to a fantastic year!


In reading, we have been working on growing as readers. Second grade students have been building their reading stamina, by reading independently for longer periods of time. We have been focusing on retelling our stories across our hand, and learning how to roll up our sleeves and figure out tricky words in our stories.


In writing, students are learning the routines for Writer’s Workshop. We have begun our first genre of writing, Narrative. Students are writing Small Moment stories and are learning to stretch their story across many pages. Students are learning how to include lots of detail to show the reader what they see.


In math, students are reviewing the math workshop model, and the different math tools that we will use throughout the year. Students should be practicing their basic facts for both addition and subtraction up to 20 every night so that they become fluent with these facts.


In science, students are beginning to set up their science journal and learning how we will use it throughout the year. We have begun our first science unit on Matter by learning about what matter is and the different types of matter. We are looking forward to doing experiments to learn more about Matter.  


We are reviewing with students the expectations of our R.O.A.R.S program and have been focusing on Respect. Through various stories and activities students are learning what Respect looks like and sounds like throughout all settings of the school.

Things to Remember:

*Students should be reading 20 minutes EVERY night

  • Please fill in the ROARING Reading calendar and hand it in at the end of each month.


*Students should practice their Basic Facts (+ and -) EVERY night

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