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Third Grade

... Mrs. Ceccolini ... Mrs. King ... Mrs. Reda ... Mrs. Sampar ...

The beginning of the year has been very busy in 3rd Grade!  The children continue to learn ways to respect each other and their classrooms during morning meetings and ROARS lessons. They also enjoy working in cooperative groups as they learn about new concepts in all areas.  It is wonderful to see the students working together and learning how to treat each other kindly.  Character really does count!

We appreciate all of your help at home! 

The children have been building their reading lives in school.  They are learning how to choose “just right” books and they are practicing strategies to become better readers as well.  As they read, they are learning comprehension strategies and building their fluency.  The children are keeping reading logs to track all the reading they are doing in school, as well as at home.  It’s so great to see them build their stamina to read for longer periods of time. Please remember to sign their reading logs each night!

The students have also been developing their writing skills during Writer's Workshop. They are learning how to write true stories from their lives. They are focusing on small moments and learning to elaborate and add specific details. They enjoy practicing writing strategies that professional authors use! Ask them about how they edit and revise their pieces. Keep a look out for their first published piece that comes home. 

They are also becoming thinking mathematicians as they continue to learn hands-on math activities, new math games and practice new skills independently.  


They should practice basic facts every night!!! 

Remember to use and flashcards. 

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