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Fourth Grade

Mrs. Cotter

Mrs. Recine

Mrs. McMellon

Ms. Vietze

Fourth grade is off to an exciting start!  The students are enjoying switching classrooms for science, social studies and math.  It is amazing how quickly time flies. They have been working hard in all academic areas.

     In math, students are working on gaining fluency of their basic facts in multiplication up to the twelves times tables. We strongly suggest that you support your child at home is through the use of the XtraMath website.  We are learning about place value, adding and subtracting numbers up to a million and solving multi step problems in both addition and subtraction.  We will be checking student participation.

     The fourth graders love to read and are building their stamina and fluency. We have been reading realistic fiction stories in class and analyzing characters. We are growing ideas about characters in reading to help us with drafting fictional narrative stories during writing.  They have created story arcs to draft out their stories.  Their drafts are full of details and elaboration.

     In Social Studies we are learning about the 50 states.  We just completed our first unit called Land, People and Regions of the U.S.A. This study will fit nicely with our new Science unit entitled Changing Earth. We will be learning about the state of Connecticut, including the history and how our state Government works in the next few weeks.

        In Science, we are working on new units of study, Earth’s systems, History and Human Impact. The children have been exploring science through many hands-on experiments.  Their notebooks are filling up with predictions, observations and lab reports.

     Please be sure that your child reads for at least 20 minutes a night, either fiction or non-fiction texts, and encourage him/her to discuss the book with you.  Please be sure to sign your child’s reading log each evening as this is part of your child’s daily homework.

       It is important that your child practice their multiplications math facts each night to ensure that they are prepared for division and all upcoming math units.

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