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2018 - 2019   

... Mrs. Beers ... Ms. Galow ... Ms. Lauria ... Ms. Redgate ... 


- Check your child’s agenda pad for homework assignments

- Students should be reading nightly & completing their reading logs to foster their reading stamina

- Students should be practicing their typing skills 3x per week (typingclub)

- Students should be practicing their fact fluency 3x per week (xtramath)

- Please email us with any questions or concerns!



Upcoming Events:

Socktober - more information to come!


Booth Hill welcomed, Mr. Vazzano, our Spanish teacher! He meets with each 5th grade class for 45 minutes. Our students have learned some basic greetings, days of the week, and months of the year.   For extra review, Mr. Vazzano has set up a “Google Classroom.”

Academic Updates:

Reading: In Reader’s Workshop, students will be invested in an interpretation book club unit. Within this unit, readers will be able to analyze parts of a story in relation to the whole, analyze author's craft, determine themes and compare and contrast themes and story elements. Book clubs will allow students to think deeper about a shared text, and develop meaning conversations with their peers. Reading at home and at school will help increase students reading stamina!


Writing: In Writer’s Workshop, students will be invested in a narrative writing unit. Students will be writing small moment stories, about a true event that happened to them. Writers will develop their writing through a story arc in order to bring forth a theme to their small moment. Writers will learn new elaboration strategies and craft moves to lift the level of their narrative writing.


Math: In math workshop, students are working in Unit 1. The emphasis is on reasoning about whole numbers and their factors. Students will be finding all the factors of a number and finding multiplication combinations with more than two factors, identifying prime, composite and square numbers, multiply two and three digit numbers by two digits, and solving division problems with two digit divisors. It is very important for students to know their basic multiplication and division facts and practice them for accuracy and speed.


Social Studies: In social studies we are working on maps and globe skills.


Science: In science, the students are setting-up their science notebook and working on our first unit ‘Earth, Moon, and Sun.”  A special guest, Mr. Lemoine, Mrs. Lemoine’s husband, presented a fascinating lesson to kick off our unit. 

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