The Booth Hill Fathers’ Club is proud to bring the families of the Booth Hill community together to support our outstanding school. Our mission is to promote the welfare of our children, cooperate with teachers in the education of our children, and to engage in activities that will further the educational and community purposes of the school. We work together on events throughout the school year, and the funds that we raise are given back to support the educational mission of the school.  We encourage all the fathers of Booth Hill students to join us. 



  • President - Raney Nelson

  • Vice President - Stan Ruszkowski

  • Treasurer - Robert Wdowik

  • Secretary - Rob Leiphart

  • Media / Communications - Open

  • Sponsors - Andrew Cutney



Improvements to Recess 

Pancake Palooza 

Welcome Back BBQ 

After School Intramural Sports 

Ice Cream Social 

Polar Express 

Golf Event 


If you have any questions, concerns or ideas for us, please email us at We look forward to hearing from you soon and often!


Please send an email to and come to join us for any of our meetings or events. All are welcome.












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