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Welcome to BHS PTA 2018

Our school is supported by a dedicated PTA that coordinates both volunteer opportunities and fundraising efforts to benefit our children and the school community as a whole. Funds raised are used to purchase the "extras" we want for our children that are not funded by the state or local taxes. Please consider joining the PTA - we are stronger together!


Our team...


Stewart Tosh - President

Dawn Cuminotto - Secretary

John O'Connor - Treasurer


You can email our team with any questions, concerns or comments at


We encourage everyone to join the PTA as a way of staying informed and getting connected to the many families, students, and teachers that make up our school. We have many goals this year including updating the teacher's lounge, updating communication tools and purchasing more books for the school's curriculum. Your donation of $20 to become a PTA member helps with all of these types of programs.  


Join the PTA - Visit our online store to purchase your membership. Click to purchase!


Our success is 100% dependent on your participation. We have plenty of opportunities to help out both on the PTA and with our partners within the Fathers Club. Please contact our team if you have any questions about volunteer opportunities ( 


More updates to come... 


- The Booth Hill School PTA 2018






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