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Mrs. Willett

     Kindergarten students created a shape rubbing the first day of class, they had to sneak the shapes under the paper and rub crayons on top to make it appear!  Now, they are making an apple tree, learning the pinch/tear method to strengthen their pincher fingers. Next, they will practice scissor skills and add grass and apples to their work.

     First graders learned about the artist Matisse and his paper cut outs, specifically his work titled Beasts of the Sea.  Students have learned different ways to “draw with scissors” (imagine first, cut second), like Matisse.  Students glued down their work creating beautiful underwater-themed collages. 

     Second grade is learning about the color wheel and how it is made up of the primary and secondary colors.  They have painted their own and are in the process of transforming them into hot air balloons! 

     Third grade students are learning about Still Life drawing with candy as the theme.  Students are considering the size and shape of different types of candy and thinking about how to draw them realistically, showing items overlapping others in a clear candy jar.  Once done drawing, students will use watercolor pencils to add vibrant color. 

     Fourth grade students have learned that masks are made by cultures throughout the world and for different purposes.  Students are creating their own masks, using facial features, design and color to reflect their selected emotion. 

     Fifth graders are embarking on a bird-making adventure.  After discussing kinds of birds they’ve seen, students are creating three-dimensional bird sculptures using clay, paper and a variety of other materials.

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