Reader's Workshop

by Mrs. Nelsen and Mrs. Semenza

     This school year Trumbull Public Schools has adopted a new reading program, Teacher’s College Reader’s Workshop.  This workshop provides students with the opportunity to build their reading life inside and outside the classroom.  Teachers provide students with ample time to develop their love of reading through independent reading time where students read texts individually, in partnerships, and in groups depending on grade level. 

Here is a typical reader’s workshop schedule:

Mini Lesson

The teacher provides the students with a mini-lesson that directly teaches the whole class a reading skill, strategy, or behavior.

Work Time

Independent reading time is where students are applying the strategy they were taught in that day’s mini lesson or other strategies that have been previously taught. During this time, students are typically reading by themselves but there are opportunities in the workshop where students might be working in partnerships or even in book clubs.  During this time, teachers are conferencing with individual students in addition to teaching small groups in order to reach all of the learners in the classroom.


The share time is an opportunity for the teacher to highlight specific students and how he or she has utilized a specific reading strategy, skill, or behavior that has been taught.

Ways parents can support at home

Parents can help build their child’s reading life by emphasizing the importance of reading every night.  This might look different from child to child, especially depending on what grade level they are in.  For instance third through fifth graders will be more independent readers, while kindergarten through second graders might be more engaged if a book is read aloud to them.  Either way, making sure to take time each and every day to read is important! 

Happy Reading!

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