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The Booth Hill Fathers Club is proud to announce that we have setup two MINECRAFT servers through MINE4FREE for the school this year. We have setup one for the MINECRAFT (PC/MAC)  and one for MINECRAFT PE (Pocket Edition or IOS/Android). 


We are outlining specific rules for using the servers…

  • MINE4FREE is a family-friendly server.

  • All content on MINE4FREE must be appropriate for all ages.


Rules for playing on MINE4FREE

  • When using the chat feature - no inappropriate language.

  • No griefing. No adding or destroying blocks/structures made by others. 

  • No using MODS or HACKS. 


People work very hard in Minecraft in order to create what is in the their imaginations. For some, it may take weeks (or even months) before their creations are finished. It is very, very important to respect the property and space of others on MINE4FREE by not changing something that does not belong to you. 


We have setup certain “Grief Prevention” add-ons or MODS within the games to help but we cannot prevent the unforeseeable. So, please keep in mind this is a game.


Some basic notes for parents… TURN OFF the automatic downloads for UPDATES on your mobile devices. Our servers are running the latest release, but sometimes MAJANG has updates and they don’t always provide the updates to the hosting companies as fast.  















We will be setting up a WHITELIST to help secure the server. A white list is a primary way of preventing unauthorized entry into the school server. Any official Minecraft user name that you put in the list will be allowed to enter the server, while anyone not on it will be denied access. 


When you purchase MINECRAFT you are essentially purchasing a user name. You will be asked to  setup a name to be used to identify you while playing within the game. 


You can go to to purchase  MINECRAFT license and obtain your unique user name. Keep it handy, as when we move to the WHITELIST you will need this information to continue to play.





MINE4FREE - Booth Hill School - IP Address Port 25565

Setup in Creative Mode, with Anti-Griefing MODS/ADD-ONS 

Server Max - 52 People


MINE4FREE  PE - Booth Hill School - NEW IP Address Port 25566

Setup in Creative Mode, with Anti-Griefing MODS/ADD-ONS 

Server Max - 30 People


These servers are setup as a free service to the school through the Booth Hill Fathers Club. We ask that all students remember the rules or play otherwise you will be banned from access.





                                 Approved by the Booth Hill Fathers Club 2017 

Minecraft Server - current version is 1.12.2  (Just Updated 01/15/18)

While playing on the computer version you will need to claim an area to add or make changes. 


Hit the “/“ key to type, and input the following command when you are in the area you would like to build on “/claim”… you area will then be yours. No one can touch it. If you want to change your location, just use the command “/unclaim” and then its open for others to change or destroy.


Minecraft PE - current version  (Just Updated 01/15/18)

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